150th Celebration of 1868 Great Quake on Hayward Fault, Fremont, CA, USA – Part 1

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This year marks the 150th anniversary of the -Great Quake- of 1868 on the Hayward Fault. On Sunday, 10/21, the City of Fremont, nonprofit Math Science Nucleus (MSN), and various geological organizations hosted an earthquake awareness event in Central Park. Joined them from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for walking tours along the new Earthquake Walk and a variety of fun, hands-on activities for families to learn more about earthquake science, history, and preparedness! Sponsors :

Math/Science Nucleus, Fremont City, US Geological Survey and California Geological Survey.

The Israelites: Rebellious Christian Can Not Admit When She Is Wrong!!!

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IUIC Tallahassee visits the streets to wake-up the Lost Sheep of Israel!

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Methodist Church, Ann Gill Memorial, Barbados Palm Sunday #2. April 13 2014

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Street Procession featuring Methodist & Roman Catholic Churches via Fairfield Road, Black Rock, St. Michael, Barbados. Rev. Ezra Barker delivers the sermon assisted by Bro. Stephen St. Hill with duty Stewards Sis. Marcelle Phillips & Heather Forde. Organist is Mr. Michael Steele

Jeff Smith (LIVESTREAM) At Perry Hall United Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD, US

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‘( サ [ Jeff Smith ] Perry Hall United Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD, US Saturday, November 3, 2018 キサ!キ Enjoy Here ::: [[ ] …

Church Bell Tower in Ukraine

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Have you ever been caught in a church bell tower when it was time for the daily concert to begin? I have, and it is a wonderful experience!

Fortunately, I had a video camera with me to record the event, so, thanks to Google’s generosity in providing storage space, I’ll share that experience with you now, because it is one of those joyous occasions that deserves to be shared.

In the summer of 2006 I was on vacation in Kiev, Ukraine, visiting one of the ancient Orthodox churches. While I was in the bell tower at the end of the day, a young monk in long, black robes unlocked the door to a glass-enclosed, piano-like, bell-ringing device. He sat down, and, without any introduction, he pounded on the keys with black, leather gloves, and he stomped on the pedals with a stylistic flourish that would have made any concert pianist proud.

This single-take, uncut video will give your eyes —but mostly your ears— a taste of what his rhythmic, bell-chiming concert was like.

John-Michael Battaglia
Cinematography: John-Michael Battaglia

The Continuing Relevance of America’s Eugenic Legacy

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March 29, 2017
Paul A. Lombardo

The history of eugenics is often characterized as a cautionary tale of life in the bad old days, when pseudoscientific assumptions about genetic determinism provided a respectable veneer that enabled barely submerged racism, xenophobia, and blatant discrimination against persons with disabilities to take root in American law. Some argue that, today, our science is sound, our attitudes enlightened; we need not be hobbled by fear of long-expired bad eugenic habits.

In this Medical Center Hour, Paul Lombardo, who has written extensively on eugenics and the law in America, challenges such assumptions, asserting that the same tendencies that led to a century of eugenic law and policy continue to inform our public debate over democratic values and the proper role of science as a tool for solving social problems.

The Joan Echtenkamp Klein Memorial Lecture in the History of the Health Sciences
Co-presented with the History of the Health Sciences Lecture Series, Historical Collections, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

1ST AMENDMENT AUDIT Haywood County TN. Courthouse in brownsville

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i did the courthouses and the police/city hall/fire dept. audit seperate i will give them a pass no one came out and bugged me i got the exterior monuments and everything so they did good i might do some more and let,s see how they do on those in the future.

Lester Roloff – The Bible Way To Health

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Lester Roloff was born on June 28, 1914, to Christian parents in Dawson, Texas. Raised on a farm, he learned the value of hard work at a young age. In his early teens he was saved and later committed his life to becoming a preacher. He knew he needed an education and set his sights on attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas. To help pay for his expenses, he took a family cow to Waco and milked it daily in return for room and board.

In 1935, he met Marie Brady at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, during a State Training Union Convention. They were married on August 10, 1936. Early in their marriage, Lester pastored small town churches and preached as an evangelist during revival meetings. On June 20, 1937, Lester and Marie were blessed with a baby daughter, Elizabeth Ann. After Lester’s graduation from Baylor, the family moved to Fort Worth, Texas, so that he could attend Southwestern Seminary. During seminary he served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Trinidad, Texas. During World War II, the Roloff family moved to Houston, Texas, where Brother Roloff became pastor of Magnolia Park Baptist Church.

In 1940, Brother Roloff accepted the call of Park Avenue Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas to become their pastor. Park Avenue Baptist, later known as Second Baptist Church, flourished during the time Lester was pastor. While serving at Park Avenue, Brother Roloff became a sought after preacher for revival meetings and evangelistic services. And, in 1944, the Roloff family grew to include an adopted daughter, Pamela Kay.

Faith, Fasting & Food

As a young preacher and father, Brother Roloff continued to battle chronic health problems. He searched for answers and in his thirties made “discoveries that completely altered his health.” As Marie Brady Roloff wrote in her book entitled “Lester Roloff — Living by Faith,” Lester believed,

“there were three ‘F’s, which if followed, could revolutionize one’s life.

The first ‘F’ –faith- was well known by his radio audience and those who heard him preach. Over and over through the years he has said, ‘Now the just shall live by faith,’ and he has practiced it. …

There was a second ‘F’ he found in the Bible that he began to practice. It became a tremendous truth that he could not neglect. Jesus said, ‘Then shall they fast’ (Mark 2:20; Luke 5:35). … When the truth of this got hold of Lester, like any other Bible truth that became real to him, he grabbed onto it and didn’t let go. ‘Fasting isn’t an ordinance or a church doctrine,’ he said, ‘but just plain Bible truth and is a practice between the individual and the Lord. Like other great truths, it has been abused and misused and therefore has come into bad repute. But why should we leave out a practice that has such a prominent place in the Scripture?’ ….

Lester came to some practical conclusions regarding the third ‘F’ –food. He became convinced that four things are killing the American people- too much food, bad food, wrong combinations of food, and anxiety and worry, which stem from an absence of faith, trust, and wisdom from God.”

He recommended that foods be consumed in their natural state as much as possible and also encouraged exercise. He said, “you’d be surprised to know what a brisk walk of at least a mile every day with the proper breathing will do for you.” Truly, Brother Roloff was ahead of his time as evidenced by the increased emphasis in today’s world on proper eating and exercise.

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California Cop Drags 20-Year-Old Woman Out of Car by Her Hair

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Humboldt State University is investigating the now-viral video of a woman’s arrest after it was posted to Facebook Sunday. Samantha Luna, 20, and her friends were pulled over by cops near the northern California campus. One of them is arrested for sticking her head out of the sunroof and Luna was not happy about it. In the video, she asked the cop why he was being rude. When the cop answered back saying it was her disposition which was disrespectful, the two got into a verbal scuffle.

Tennessee History: Highland Street and Midland Avenue in Memphis

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Highland Street Church of Christ was demolished in 2011. This brief video shows the property in December 2014 and gives a glimpse at a small part of my childhood.

My parents were married at the church, and my siblings and I attended preschool in the building to the right at the 1:16-1:26 point.